1st place weighed section: Chasin Tail 128.9kg $2250

1st place t&r with 1 each: Lethal Weapon & The Tinnie $1150

Congratulations also to Fish Whisperer 100.2kg  and On a Course 94.5kg  on their weighed marlin.

C.S.F.C Leader Board for 2018-19 Season

SmallFry  (under 12 at end of season)

Category Name Weight
Snapper  Brock Johnston 6.56 kg
Kahawai Brock Johnston 1.53 kg
Gurnard Brock Johnston .70 kg


Category Name Weight
Snapper Kayden Blundell 6.74 kg
Kahawai Dion watts 2.46 kg
Kahawai Surfcasting    
Gurnard Dion Watts .98 kg
Kingfish Tayler Oldfield 9.96 kg
Carp Mitchell Hilton 6.09 kg


Category Name Weight
Snapper (from a boat) Ian Wildman  9.4 kg
Snapper (Kite/Torpedo) Snow 8.9 kg
Snapper (Surfcasting) Alex Scott 9.21 kg
Snapper lenght Measure Ian Wildman 76 cm
Snapper from Harbour Darren James 4.08 kg
Snapper ( Ladies)    
Kahawai  (from a boat) Kim Schalper 2.56 kg
Kahawai (Surfcasting)  Alex Scott  2.11 kg
Trevally Des Andrews 3.93 kg
Kingfish Glen Cox 14.81 kg
Kingfish Lenght Section Peter Murphy 98 cm
Gurnard Arron parker  .96 kg
Puka/Bass Shane McBarron 26.2 kg
John Dory Mark franklin 2.18 kg
Trout Rainbow Marcel Wadek 9.10 kg
Red Crayfish Colin Marriner 1.97 kg
Albacore tuna Jack Dear  6.69 kg
Skipjack tuna leanne Johnston 5.19 kg
Striped Marlin Russell Dunn 128.90 kg
Striped Marlin Tagged 9 x tagged  
Blue Marlin Lippy  251.5kg
Black Marlin    
Wahoo Amanda Wilson 14.6 kg
Yellowfin Tuna Lippy 59.0 kg